The illusionist of animals

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  • Documentary|
  • Society|
  • 52'|
  • 2020|
  • France 3 Région Centre-Val-de-Loire


Jean-Philippe Varin defines himself as an “animal coach”. At eighty abd more than 3200 films, this figure of cinema animal training, who worked with Jean-Jacques Annaud on The Ours, is closing down his Solonian studios for good. For the first time he reveals the secrets of his profession and his incredible career.

This film is a testimonial of a particular relationship between human and animal, and is notifying of the changes, including technological, affecting the animal cinema.


Directed by Sophie VarinVincent Vaury

Original music composed by Hugo Gonzalez-Pioli


With the participation of the CNC & PROCIREP-ANGOA