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  • Fiction|
  • Anticipation Drama|
  • 3 x 52'|
  • Arte France


A small group of scientists isolated in a Norway base discovers a mysterious rope, seemingly endless, which runs along their observatory and sinks into the forest. Some decide to follow it, others decide to stay. As the innocent expedition gradually turns into a determined quest to unravel this mystery, all will find themselves confronted with the heavy consequences of their choices.


Directed by Dominique Rocher
Scenario – Dominique Rocher & Éric Forestier from the Stefan aus dem Siepen’s eponymous novel

Casting – Suzanne Clément, Jean-Marc Barr, Christa Théret, Tom Mercier, Richard Sammel, Jakob Cedergren, Planitia Kenese & Jeanne Balibar

Original music compositor – Grégoire Hetzel

Delegated production – Les Films de l’Instant
Co-production – Arte France & Versus Production

With the support of Wallimages, Screenbrussels, Belgafilms, Inver Tax Shelter. 

In association with Wildbunch. 

With the support of the CNC.

Worldwide distribution by Wildbunch.

Crew list

Producers – Pierre Garnier & Carine Boyé
Line producer – Maxime Maisin
1st assistant director – Benjamin Papin
Script-Anouchka Czmil
Director of photography – Jordane Chouzenoux
Set designer Samuel Charbonnot
Costume designer – Catherine Marchand
Make up artist – Emmanuelle Velghe-Lenelle
Hair dresser – Antonella Prestigiacomo
Editor – Isabelle Manquillet
Sound engineer – Paul Maernoudt
French casting director David Bertrand
Belgian casting director Sebastián Moradiellos